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In order to advocate the concept of environmental protection, practice low-carbon and civilized travel, and promote the spirit of volunteer service. In may 11, LV C-Chong organized the company's party branch and trade union members to voluntarily go to Yangxianling, Ganxian County, to carry out envi

In the context of the sharing economy of the Internet of Things, taking the rational use of new energy as the criterion, we will create a whole series of new energy smart charging products with customer needs as the core and energy conservation and emission reduction as the purpose. Realize the new pattern of "Internet of Everything" with safe charging, more centralized resources and more convenient management!

Customized overall solutions for industry applications are tailored according to customer needs. The products cover electric motorcycle charging piles, new energy vehicle charging piles, charging cabinets, battery swap cabinet, charging pile accessories and other products.
Cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and blockchain technology as the support to build LV C-Chong cloud architecture, establish a smart charging big data monitoring center, an operator control platform, a charging user service platform, blockchain and manufacturing traceability-smart factory Control platform.
Independent research and development includes dual-channel gate access control, remote card reader, RFID electronic tag card and other gate access control systems.


Residential area、urban complexes、factory park、Government agencies


Residential area、urban complexes、factory park、Government agencies


Residential area、urban complexes、factory park、 Government agencies

Integrated DC charging pile

This series of charging piles adopts floor-standing design, with a simple and elegant appearance, stable frame design, complete functional configuration, flexible configuration, power of the whole machine according to the module, friendly human-computer interface for user operation and use, and modular design for long-term maintenance of the equipment. A high-efficiency DC charging device suitable for all kinds of new energy charging station needs.


Split-type DC charging pile

This series of charging piles adopts a floor-standing design, with a stable frame and complete functional configuration. The power of the whole machine is flexibly configured according to the module, independent design of multiple terminals does not interfere with each other, friendly human-computer interface is convenient for users to operate and use. Modular design It is convenient for long-term maintenance of the equipment, and it is an efficient DC charging device suitable for the needs of large and medium-sized new energy charging stations.


Portable DC charging pile

This series of charging piles is composed of intelligent and efficient modules, main control unit, human-computer interface, charging interface and other parts. The friendly human-computer interface is convenient for users to operate and use, and the modular design is convenient for long-term maintenance of equipment; a variety of charging modes, It has complete protection functions and is suitable for a variety of places where rapid emergency response and testing supplementary power are required.


AC charging pile

The charging pile is adopt the column-type or wall-mounted type. The frame is stable and the convenient installation and construction. The friendly human-computer interaction interface makes the operation easier and the modular design makes the long-term maintenance convenient, therefore, it is an efficient AC charging device for new energy vehicles with AC chargers.


Portable AC charging pile

This series of charging piles use 7-core national standard connector, support the electronic lock function of new energy vehicles, and have specific control, display, communication functions, and protection mechanisms such as short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, and leakage protection. It is a high-quality and practical new energy vehicle portable ground-free home charging pile.



High power charging pile




10 way charging pile




20 way charging pile




DC charging pile



Charging cabinet/ battery swap cabinet

This series of charging cabinets and battery swap cabinets are suitable for charging all national standard motorcycle batteries. The sheet metal material is durable and can effectively meet the diversified charging needs of people such as takeaway distribution and express logistics.


Dual-channel gate controller

The gate access control series products support remote online upgrade and are easy to operate. No contact operation is required and remote operation is supported. Seiko quality, easy installation.


Accessories of charging pile

The supporting products of the charging pile are developed and produced by the original factory, and the quality is guaranteed. Reasonable structural design, safe and applicable. It has both appearance and function, it’s better to look and use.


By building DC / AC charging system of new energy vehicles and Electric motorcycle charging / battery swap system, Integrated gate access control products, parking control, anti-theft monitoring, smoke detector and other supporting facilities, etc.Device communication and cloud data synchronization through IoT cards, 4G/5G smart gateways, etc. Equipped with a computer-side/mobile-side visual power station management platform to create[Barrier-Power Station-Cloud-Control] One-stop charging solution.

Government, enterprises and institutions charging project solutions
Government agencies, theme parks, large venues and other public places
Charging solutions for smart transportation supporting projects
Residential area, college area, factory park
Charging solutions for commercial buildings and hotel projects
Office buildings, urban complexes, hotels, tourism distribution centers
Charging solutions for airports and high-speed service areas
Airport, expressway service area, along the intercity expressway
Charging platform operation management solution
Businesses that need charging piles to operate
Car rental, public transport charging solutions
Bus groups, car rental companies, large business districts
Charging station,charging solution for large parking lot projects
Government bus charging station, large parking lot, etc.
Emergency and rescue charging solutions
Road vehicle accident scene, new energy vehicle sales center, regional road section charging station

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